Emshine Production Co.

We specialized in media and digital marketing which provide integrated and innovative solutions to maximize the value of the brand . Emshine production Co provides a wide range of  affordable services, including advertisement and video production to established business owners, start-ups, and new small business owners who needed marketing and project management assistance.  Because we believe every product and everyone deserve to Shine.
我們專門從事媒體和營銷, 提供綜合和創新的解決方案, 以展示品牌的最大的價值。 Emshine Production co 提供的服務種類繁多, 包括廣告和視頻製作給廣大的客戶如企業家、初創企業, 和新的小型企業。  我們認為每一件產品都應該得到屬於它的光芒。
  1. Website design and development
  2. Video production
  3. Event Planning ( PR campaign)
  4. Media buying
    • Traditional: newspaper, radio, magazine
    • Digital: Facebook and web advertisement placement
    • Others: TTC transportation, Cineplex and more
  5. Social Media marketing
    • Facebook page design, promotion and maintenance
    • WeChat business account launch and maintenance


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Alternatively, please call 416-602-9913.

如有需要,請致電 416-602-9913。


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